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Is working from home here to stay and is it better for your health?

As the COVID-19 pandemic nears its one-year anniversary, people are taking stock of how the changes implemented to slow or stop the spread of the virus are affecting them, and what modifications they want to see remain after the pandemic is over. Read more...

17 Everyday Medication Mistakes That Could Make You Sick

Medical experts share the 17 most common medication mistakes that you should avoid to make sure you don't get sick. Read more...

Can't sleep because of anxiety?

Can't sleep because of anxiety? This guide will give you important information and tips to help you manage your anxiety and fall asleep faster. Read more...

Coronavirus: Guidance for Better Mental Health

Coronavirus has impacted everyone in different ways. Everyone has different methods of coping to get through the pandemic. Government legislation, mass media coverage, and the increasing global death toll will cause a lot of stress, especially for the older population, children, and people with a history of mental health problems. Read more...

Tips to Stay healthy in the New Year

1.- Get Outside More: Try to get outside for at least 10 minutes a day to get some fresh air. Use that time to relax and clear your head and enjoy all it has to offer. Read more...

New York's Drug Take Back Act

In July, the New York State Senate announced that the Drug Take Back Act has been signed into law. This law establishes a statewide drug take back program to try and reduce misuse of medication and save government and taxpayer money. Senators Kemp Hannon and Tom O’Mara sponsored this bill, and it should help the state’s water supplies by preventing drugs from being flushed down the toilet or other disposal methods that could contaminate the water. Last year, the Senate secured a $2.5 billion investment to improve and protect the water supplies, and keeping drugs out of the water is crucial for this. Read more...

Starting January 1st All Hospitals Must Publish Price Lists

New federal law that was announced in April states that in the New Year, hospitals must publish price lists online of all the services they offer. This should also make it easier for patients to access their medical records. Read more...

Shingles Vaccine Shortage and What You Should Know

In the United States there has been a shortage of the shingles vaccine, Shingrix, causing people to go all over the place to get it. Many people have to be put on a waiting list, so they can be given a call when the vaccine is back in stock. Recently, there has been a huge increase in demand for Shingrix which is most likely the reason for the shortage. Read more...

What is a Discount Prescription Drug Card?

Agility Rx's discount prescription drug card is a FREE card available to those, uninsured or underinsured, to save money on all prescription medications. Instead of paying full price for prescription medication, Agility Rx card members can instantly save money when filling a prescription. Although the card can’t be combined with insurance, our card can help during high deductible scenarios and the Medicare Part-D donut hole. Our card has NO enrollment fee, NO deductibles, and NO activation fees. Read more...

How Can I Find the Cheapest Prescription?

Agility Rx offers a FREE drug pricing tool via, to help members locate the cheapest price for their medication. The pricing tool provides estimation on the cost of the medication, and gives members an advantage to find pharmacies with the best pricing around. Our tool allows pharmacies to be located in a 3 to 25 mile radius from the zip code or address entered. From there, members are able to build their drug list using the search bar. For example, if a member searches “Gabapentin 300 MG CAP”, they are able to add the quantity needed and begin the search process. Read more

Do You Have Anxiety?

Anxiety is a natural way for your body to react upon stress. Stress can include, but is not limited to, beginning a new job, giving a speech, visiting the doctor, etc. An anxiety disorder forms from anxiety and is more serious since it is a form of emotional disorder. Although it is treatable, it is a very common mental illness present in the United States. Read more

What is Birth Control?

An oral contraceptive is a birth control pill taken by mouth, containing both estrogen and progesterone. The pill, if taken correctly (see directions of pill for more info), will prevent the ovary from releasing an egg for fertilization, or even simpler prevent pregnancy from occurring. Read more

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